Tips for Treasure Hunting at KARM Stores

At KARM Stores, we receive thousands of donated goods every week. We fill our stores with incredible deals. Sometimes there’s so much inside, that it feels overwhelming. Don’t be discouraged! There’s a science to treasure hunting.

Sifting for Treasure

Here are a few tips to make the most of your treasure hunting at KARM Stores.

  • Hit Housewares – If someone is planning a move or cleaning out a loved one’s house, fragile items like dishes and glassware are difficult to pack. They are more likely to be donated. At KARM Stores you might find an entire set of china or a Waterford Crystal piece.
  • Browse Jewelry – Jewelry trends come and go. But some classics never go out of style, like a strand of pearls or a classy pendant.
  • Shop Handbags – KARM Stores is a great place to find brand name handbags from Coach, Prada, or Louis Vuitton.
  • The Bigger the Better – When folks downsize, they often have extra furniture and appliances to offload. You will find a large variety of high quality furniture, electronics and appliances in our stores.
  • Brave the Clothing Racks – It’s worth it to look through the clothing racks. Among the ordinary shirts and pants, you’ll find brand name items like a $120 Michael Kors dress for $20, a pair of $118 Alain Weiz jeans for$58.99, or a $498 Charlotte Solnicki jacket for $298.
  • Bring your Smart Phone – If you’re treasure hunting, look for distinguishing marks or brands on an item and do a quick Internet search. Sites like Ebay and Amazon might tell you if the item is worth more than you’re about to pay for it.

Brag About Your Finds!

You are now an expert shopper! Post a picture of your treasures and tag @karmstores. We will celebrate you and your amazing taste!



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