Hope Makes All The Difference

Roger’s Reality

Roger has battled alcoholism for many years.  Not long ago, it looked like the disease was going to win. He was broke, homeless, and without hope. “I didn’t want to live anymore,” he says. “So I tried to drink myself to death. I woke up the next morning and I realized something. I was either going to be successful and I would die, or I needed to change something.”

Roger’s Response

Roger joined a treatment program. But he needed more. He came to KARM, where he joined the Berea program and signed up to work in the kitchen. Roger jumped in with both feet, sometimes working 12 hour days in the the kitchen.  He loved it. His work in the kitchen as well as what he learned in class gave him hope for the future that he never experienced before.

Roger knows he’s changed since arriving at KARM. Now he’s reading scripture, taking classes, and giving back to the community. “It’s just such a wonderful feeling,” he says. “I’m always smiling! When people ask why, I just share a little of my life story with them.”

Roger has plans for his future, including pursuing a psychology degree and opening his own rehab facility. For now, Roger continues in the Berea program at KARM. He is grateful to those who give to make his journey possible.

This place saved my life. What’s really wonderful though is that here, I’m respected for the good things I’m doing instead of being judged for my past.”

Your Role

Thank you for your generosity. You might not be aware of the impact you have on the guests at KARM, but be assured they feel your generosity every day. Because of you, our guests find hope and encouragement to move forward in their journey out of homelessness.

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