Berea transforms lives through work, learning, and service

“I have come that they may have life, and have it
more abundantly.”   John 10:10

Berea is an unprecedented personal development opportunity at KARM focused on work, learning, and service. It is now fully integrated into our ministry services and structure at KARM and has transformed KARM into a work-learn-serve campus.

Work. Learn. Serve.

After food, shelter, and other critical needs are met, Berea affords KARM guests an opportunity to take advantage of a life-changing process combining Christian support with job skills, education, and community service. The only objective of Berea is to prepare students for the abundant life God has planned for them. It provides a strong, Biblical foundation to build a life upon after KARM.

All guests entering Berea as students experience a unique blend of work, learning and service. Each element requires a six to nine month formal program in a campus environment.  Each day, Berea begins with chapel and a brief devotional. Afterwards, the schedule mirrors a typical school day with predictable movement and function.  In Berea, a student is either in class, working a job, studying, or performing community service.

Personal Care & Accountability

Each Berea student has an assigned care coordinator to provide personal guidance, evaluations, accountability, and any required help or supportive services throughout the Berea program.

Upon completion of the Berea program, each student has realistic goals and Biblically-based plans for the future. These plans are supported by training and skills for employment.  Students connect with a comprehensive support system. These positive relationships successfully restore them into the community.

Get Involved

Berea transforms lives and breaks the cycle of homelessness.  Won’t you join us in the new and exciting Berea personal development program?  There are many ways to serve and support this unprecedented and exciting new ministry.

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