The Search for MORE

Most guests come to KARM in crisis. They need a meal or a place to sleep. Just behind those basic needs are other needs. Many of our guests have watched their lives derail and don’t know what to do to get their lives back on track. They want more for themselves. A life of significance. A life of purpose.

Gaining MORE with LaunchPoint

All guests have the opportunity to join LaunchPoint, a four-week program designed to reignite hope and determine readiness for change. During the four-week period,  participants begin discovering God’s plan and purpose for their lives, develop their own life plan with realistic goals, and learn to implement their life plan in manageable steps.

Participants spend four hours per day in a classroom setting and afternoons in a “lab” environment. Key topics include education and job training, financial literacy, housing, physical/mental health and support, legal literacy, goal setting, and self-advocacy.

To date, over 500 men and women have graduated from LaunchPoint, and have moved on to employment and independent living, or are moving forward to break out of their cycle of homelessness.

Achieving MORE with Life Academy

When guests graduate from LaunchPoint and they’re ready for more, Life Academy is the next step. This four-phase program is designed to deal with many of the issues that lead to chronic homelessness. They teach on emotional and relational life, how to find housing, financial management, time management, and more.

Participants are taught to pay attention to their thought life – redirecting negative thoughts and self-talk into constructive, positive thoughts. They also work hard on relationship dynamics: setting boundaries, peaceful conflict resolution, how to restore broken relationships and develop healthy new ones.

At KARM we always want to address the spiritual life as well. Life Academy is very strategic about weaving God’s message of hope and restoration throughout the curriculum. We know that our spiritual life impacts everything else.

Life Academy is still a new program so there is a lot of room to grow and develop it in the coming months. That growth will include electives, Bible studies, or computer classes. Life Academy will offer hope of a better tomorrow for our guests.

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