No Longer Hungry

Mark’s Story

Homelessness for Mark looked like this – sleeping on the street, having his belongings stolen, getting beat up for the few dollars in his pocket, and not knowing where his next meal would come from. He was hungry and alone.

A lot of the guests at KARM have a similar story. This Thanksgiving, hundreds of homeless, hungry and hurting people like Mark will walk through our doors. While a meal is the main attraction, many are hungry for something deeper. They want a chance to make a new start, to reconnect with God, to break an addiction that keeps them in bondage.

At KARM, Mark stopped using and most importantly, he reconnected with God. ” I noticed I didn’t believe anymore,” he says. “But then I started praying and God answered those prayers.” Therefore, he says that rekindled his faith.

Now Mark is transforming his life. He graduated from our Abundant Life Kitchen culinary class and has a job in food service. He says the experience taught him the importance of family – his own and his family at KARM.


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