10 Christmas Gift Ideas You Can Find At KARM Stores

Christmas shopping can get out of hand really fast. If you’re on a budget, it’s not practical to spend hundreds of dollars on Christmas gifts. You’re in luck! Because KARM Stores has so many fabulous items, you can find some great Christmas gifts for the people on your list.

Keep these tips in mind

  1. Many items at KARM Stores are brand new or never worn or used. Look for unopened boxes and clothes with tags still on.
  2. Keep an eye out for designer labels on clothing, jewelry, bags & purses and accessories.  Many of these are like new because the “previous owner” took great care of something that was quite expensive.
  3. Need a hostess gift? Check out the glassware, party platters and pitchers.
  4. Buy books!  KARM Stores have an amazing supply of books, especially children’s books.
  5. Find a beautiful candle holder and add a new candle. Teens love candles!
  6. Look for items you can DIY with mod podge, chalkboard paint or other treatments.
  7. Have a little girl? Choose a pretty purse and fill it with (new) hair accessories, lip balm, and nail polish.
  8. Check out the artwork. If the art isn’t your taste, don’t overlook the frame. Can you use it to dress up a mirror or recycle it with another piece of art?
  9. Buy picture frames and use for Grandma and Grandpa for grandchildren pictures.
  10. Get crafty! The Farragut and Sevierville store locations have KARM Stores Crafts supplies. You can find yarn, fat quarters, beads, accessories and fabric.

Keep an eye on the KARM Stores Instagram account. You’ll see vast array of highlighted items across our locations.

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