No Longer a Drifter

From One Disaster to Another

Richard has seen more than his share of disasters. He was living in New Orleans when the floods came and wiped him out.

So he jumped at the chance to move to Gatlinburg when a new friend promised him a job. But that, too, was a disaster. Turns out his friend only wanted his food stamps. Then last year’s Gatlinburg fires took what little he had left.

That’s how he came to Knox Area Rescue Ministries.

“I’m 60 years old,” Richard says. “I can’t keep drifting from one city to another, waiting to get my life together.”

 From Loneliness to Family

Through our LaunchPoint program, he’s been able to tap into resources connected with the local housing market. Our Abundant Life Kitchen culinary arts program has given him new job skills that should pay off soon. “A new restaurant practically opens up every day,” he says. And the fellowship he’s found here has kept him grounded. “All my family is dead,” he says. “I have nobody. Now KARM is my family.”

Richard says he is grateful for the help he has received, and has used every opportunity he has to give back. Whether it’s cleaning dishes, fixing computers, or making coffee for the people coming through LaunchPoint.

You made it possible for him to come here. And now Richard has a brand-new start. He’s put the disasters behind him.

“I’ve hardened my heart over the years so I don’t expect anything anymore. Then KARM came into my life and everything changed. It’s nice to know that God is still looking after me.”

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