When Volunteers Inspire

Justin’s email

Sometimes volunteers are the ones who push our staff to be better. Recently, we got an email Justin, one of our managers at KARM Stores. In the email, Justin tells the story of Gregory, a volunteer who inspires him to do his job with excellence.

I was blessed in getting the Store Manager position at KARM Stores in Bearden. Anytime you go to a new location, things can be stressful. Not only was I blessed with an amazing team, but I was also blessed with amazing volunteers.

Gregory volunteers with his school (KAEC).  In a short time I learned so much from Gregory, specifically his willingness to learn and push his comfort levels. Recently he won first place in the Special Olympics and he proudly displayed his medal. He is amazing at helping with end cap displays, which are an integral part of sales. Gregory is willing to help in any way that he can. I am very grateful to have Gregory as a volunteer because he helps me want to step outside my comfort zone so that I can be better.

Are you ready to step in?

Volunteers play a vital role at KARM and KARM Stores. There are several different ways to volunteer.

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