Spring Has Sprung and Spring Cleaning Too

Spring Cleaning

It’s exciting to see crocuses and Lenten roses blooming around town! The warmer temperatures and bright sunny days have a way of energizing and inspiring us to do more. And spring cleaning is at the top of the list.spring flowers spring cleaning

For many, spring is a time to clean house and take extra, no longer needed items, to the nearest KARM Stores. This leads to a blossoming of opportunities for volunteers in the stores!

There is a job for everyone!

Volunteers receive and presort donations, hang clothes on hangers, clean up and serve customers throughout the store, organize and stock shelves. When an individual or group volunteers at KARM Stores, they make a real impact in helping provide the funds needed to feed 800 to 1,000 meals every day.

To donate your time, find a location, day, and time that best works with your schedule.

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