Hidden Treasures

A lot of thrift shoppers are in it for the hunt. They love combing through stores, looking for hidden treasures. Sometimes they get lucky. Really, really lucky.

3 Times Treasure Hunters Struck Gold

Sean and Rikki McEvoy bought a vintage West Point sweater for less than $1 from an Asheville, NC thrift store. A few months later, they watched a documentary on Vince Lombardi. In one shot, he wore an identical sweater to the one they purchased. They pulled it out and found “Lombardi” written on the label. The sweater sold at auction for $43,020.

Zach Norris has an eye for watches. He spotted a 1959 Jaeger-Lecoultre watch in a Phoenix, AZ thrift store and purchased it for $5.99. After having the watch authenticated by the brand, Norris listed it on a website for watch enthusiasts. His $5.99 purchase turned into a $35,000 payday.

Michael Sparks paid a mere $2.48 for a copy of the Declaration of Independence at a Nashville thrift store. He was shocked to learn it was one of 200 official copies ordered by John Quincy Adams. The Declaration of Independence fetched $477,000 at auction.

Will you be next?

KARM Stores has 17 area locations perfect for treasure hunting. Look through the clothes, examine the art, browse the jewelry case. You never know what you might find.

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