Leslie Is An Overcomer

Overcoming Addiction

After two failed marriages, Leslie tried everything to fill the void in her life.

“I tried filling it with pain pills to ease the migraines, alcohol, men in my life, material things. Nothing worked until I came to KARM’s Serenity women’s program and got back with the Lord.”

Leslie says her new life feels great. “I haven’t felt this kind of freedom in I don’t know how many years.” She continues, “Pain pills are Satan’s tool for keeping us in bondage. The Lord is the one who sets us free. I feel like a new person. I have a life again.”

For a long time, she wondered if she’d ever feel joy again.

Because of her drug addiction, she lost her car, her house, even her role in the family business. “I couldn’t function anymore,” she remembers. Stealing her mom’s jewelry to buy drugs was the last straw and her sister had her arrested, which Leslie says, “probably saved my life.”

This Easter, Leslie is rejoicing in the new life that God — and your kindness — has given her.

“I used to pray that God wouldn’t give me another day,” she remembers. “Half the day was spent trying to find money for drugs. The rest of the time I was looking for a place to spend the night, hoping the house wouldn’t burn down from a half-smoked cigarette.”

Now, the 61-year-old says, “I’m excited about the life I have today. Because of the direction Serenity gave me, I can live a new life. Turns out I’m not too old to change.”

Thank you for giving Leslie, and so many others, a reason to rejoice this Easter!

Overcoming The World

Many of the guests at KARM have been beaten down by the world. Their problems may stem from abuse in their past, addiction, mental illness, or simply a string of bad luck. Regardless of their circumstances, we know that true hope is found in Christ alone. What better time to remember that message than Easter? Jesus death and resurrection are the keys to a life of hope and victory.

John 16:33 says, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”


On March 5th, Leslie passed away. She had just transitioned into an apartment after successfully completing the Serenity program. While we rejoice that she’s enjoying time with her Creator, we miss her but know her impact will live on.

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