Our Volunteers Bridge the Gap

Building Bridges

We are grateful for the students in the Knoxville Leadership Foundation’s construction training program for the many ways they partner with KARM Stores. The students are learning construction skills, while creating new shelving, building walls for work spaces, and even creating a new bridge between parking lots at our Farragut location.

Volunteers play a crucial role in accomplishing KARM Stores mission. We exist to reveal Christ to the community and achieve a fair profit to support the ministry of Knox Area Rescue Ministries. We simply could not do this without the help of volunteers. Our volunteers truly bridge the gap between all that needs to be done and the time constraints faced by our paid staff.

Individuals and groups have donated 7000+ hours in the first 3 months of 2018! Every volunteer is a blessing, and we appreciate every donation of time and talents given.

Summer Opportunities

School is almost out! Soon, you’ll be making summer plans. Consider adding time for giving to others and volunteer as a family at one of the KARM Stores locations! It’s easy to sign up online. Start by choosing your location, date and time. We will gladly find a place for each member of the family to provide meaningful help. To make it more fun, invite neighbors, friends, or other family members!  

If you are part of a Bible study group, youth group, or an organization seeking to give back to the community, we welcome you to volunteer as well. With 18 different locations, we can find one or more locations to host your group.

Visit karmstores.com/volunteer or contact us at volunteer@karmstores.com to get more information.

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