Volunteer Outside the Box

At KARM and KARM Stores, we love partnering with local churches. We do this through programs like Corners of Your Field, but the main way we engage our churches is through volunteering. Recently we partnered with one local church to help them achieve their mission of regularly serving the community.

Fellowship Church does a great job of building Service into their DNA. They do this with “Outside the Box“.

Every month with a 5th Sunday, we get “Outside the Box” and serve our neighbors and greater community. We spend one weekend a quarter ‘scattered’ across our community serving and loving people instead of meeting for a corporate worship service.  We deeply believe that the church is not a building or a weekend program. It’s a body of people called into God’s grand story of redemption by serving others. We want to be the body of Christ that infiltrates our community, including everything from relationship with our neighbors to involvement in civic organizations.

Outside The Box Fellowship Church Knoxville

On April 29th, KARM Stores hosted groups from Fellowship Church at the Farragut and Karns locations. They packaged gift cards for church partners, cleaned the retail floor, and prepared products for sale. These individuals and families helped provide over 200 meals just by volunteering their time.

Now It’s Your Turn

Are you ready to step outside the box? KARM Stores is ready to host your group. Email us at volunteer@karmstores.com or submit a request online and we’ll work with you to create the perfect experience for you.


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