What We Do and How We Do It


KARM’s formula for ending homelessness is Rescue + Relationships = Restoration.

Rescue comes in the form of the front line services, like Crossroads Welcome Center. Here, guests enter the mission and have their immediate needs assessed. Rescue also takes the form of high quality meals, clean showers, and a safe place to sleep.

Relationships are fostered in the daily interactions between guests and staff. Our goal is to share the love of Jesus with each guest. Additionally, relationships are built through LaunchPoint. During the four-week program, participants begin discovering God’s plan and purpose for their lives, develop their own life plan with realistic goals, and learn to implement their life plan in manageable steps.

By walking guests through the steps of Rescue and Relationships, they are one step closer to Restoration. But sometimes it’s not as simple as checking off these boxes. Sometimes we have to go a little deeper and take a little more time. Thankfully, the Berea program is in place to do just that.



Berea is an unprecedented personal development opportunity at KARM focused on work, learning, and service. All guests entering Berea as students experience a unique blend of work, learning, and service as required elements in a six- to nine-month formal program in a campus environment. The end result is a guest who has gained knowledge through academic study, gained real-life work experience, and gained the satisfaction of giving back through service.

Berea is still a relatively new program. While still in its infancy, Berea has already shown great promise in breaking the cycle of homelessness.

Dr. Roger Nooe is a professor emeritus in UT’s College of Social Work. He helped author the Knoxville-Knox County Homeless Coalition’s studies of homeless since the mid-1980s. Dr. Nooe’s research says it takes the average person three tries to break the cycle of homelessness.

KARM wants to Prove Roger Wrong! And we think Berea is the way to do it.

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