Catholic HEART Workcamp Makes a Big Impact

On June 11th to 14th, KARM Stores in Powell and West Knoxville hosted volunteers from the Catholic HEART (Helping Everyone Attain Repairs Today) Workcamp. These HEART volunteers traveled from around the country to attend the camp based at Knoxville Catholic High School.

Powell location

These young people worked hard to help with painting projects at the Powell location. Powell retail manager, Melissa, had this to say about the HEART volunteers: 

Wow! This group impressed us so much with their perseverance, maturity and spunk! There was never a moment while they were working that I doubted the way they would conduct themselves in front of customers. Each one focused on the task at hand to completion then found something new to pursue after one project was done. I’m sure that they are role models in their communities, because they certainly shone brightly in ours this week! The time that was invested this week is nothing short of a huge blessing to my team.

We have received countless compliments on the look and smell of the entryway and hallways. Their work was polished and they made a point to clean up and leave their area even better than they found it. We are appreciative beyond words for their labor and their willingness to serve us and the mission we support. Thank you for being a light to us!

Sherlake Lane location

At the Sherlake Lane location, the HEART volunteers demolished a low, concrete wall and then added flooring to expand the retail space. From Anna, processing manager, we received this report:

This team was AWESOME!!! They worked hard, accurately, and always came with smiles on their faces. Thanks so much with helping in our remodeling.

Thank you to the Catholic HEART Workcamp, and the camp manager Annie Nassis, for helping complete these projects.

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