Mandy’s Reason for Hope

Hitting Rock BottomMandy reason for hope

Mandy was pregnant with her second child when she was attacked by her hammer-wielding boyfriend. She went straight to the police with her injuries. Her monster of a boyfriend went to prison.

But Mandy says that wasn’t her worst moment.

Afterwards, she began using drugs to cope with the anger and shame that overwhelmed her. Eventually, the authorities caught up with her, charged her with possession of methamphetamines, and sent her to jail.

But that wasn’t Mandy’s worst moment, either.

Mandy’s rock bottom occurred when Child Protective Services came to take her children away after she was arrested. As Mandy put her daughter in her car seat, her three-year-old asked, “Are you getting in the front seat, Mommy?” “Not this time, Baby,” Mandy replied, fighting back the tears. “Just know that Mommy loves you . . . and everything’s going to be okay.”

That was Mandy’s worst moment, and the situation that eventually guided her to KARM’s Serenity program for women.

Rising Up

At KARM, Mandy was able to trace her drug use back to the first time she was abused as a child. Today, she is clean and sober, has been able to forgive her abusive boyfriend, and has begun seeing her two daughters again.

What has she told them about her recovery?

“Mommy made some bad choices so they put me in grown-up time out,” she tells them. “I’m at KARM now so I can be a better mommy.”

Being here has also reenergized her faith, which now guides her every decision.

“Walking with Christ is a life-changer,” Mandy says. “I couldn’t go back to living any other way.”

Abuse, drugs, a shattered family. Now that’s all in the past, thanks to you!

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