KARM Stores and MFuge Team Up!

New Harvest Church at Merchant's KARM Store MFuge Camp

Teaming Up

This summer, KARM Stores partnered with MFuge camps. We shared the mission and purpose of Knox Area Rescue Ministries & KARM Stores with middle and high school campers and offered a unique perspective on domestic mission work. Throughout the summer, MFuge camps sent volunteer groups of 10 to 20 individuals to a handful of KARM Stores in two-hour increments. The groups came for three days as part of the week-long MFuge camp experience.  

MFuge Impact

Campers blessed KARM Stores with over 900 hours of volunteer support. That translates to an additional 4,500 meals provided at Knox Area Rescue Ministries. That’s enough meals for an entire week!

Uniquely Positioned

KARM Stores has become one of the leading host sites in Knoxville for large volunteer groups. Whether it’s a camp, a conference, or a corporate, church or business event, KARM Stores is uniquely positioned to accommodate large numbers of volunteers at one time.  With 18 locations across East Tennessee (12 of which are within 20 minutes of downtown Knoxville), KARM Stores is capable of hosting hundreds of individual volunteers at any given time.

If you have a large group looking for a place to serve, we’re here to help. Email us at volunteer@karmstores.com to get started.

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