Jim’s Dedicated Service


Jim M. has been a dedicated volunteer at the Western Avenue location of KARM Stores for over a year. Rain or shine, Jim rides his bike to volunteer three days a week, sometimes four days if he is “feeling generous”. In the last 18 months, Jim has volunteered over 300 hours in the store.

When asked why he gives so much of his time, Jim responded, “Well, they all seem to love me here, and always tell me how much they appreciate what I do.” He went on to say with a big grin, “Hey, it keeps me healthy and out of trouble.”

It is easy to see how much Jim enjoys what he does in KARM Stores. His big smile and positive attitude are contagious. Volunteers like Jim help our staff in not only getting work done but inspire our employees to approach each day with the same joy of service.

It’s Your Turn

Would you like to be an inspiration to others? Do you have special talents and gifts that could be of service in KARM Stores? Do you have a servant’s heart, and a joy of life you want to share? If so, we want you! Sign up for your first volunteer experience now.

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