What does your donation do?

  1. Along with meeting the physical needs of the poor and homeless, the resources generated by KARM Stores help fund Knox Area Rescue Ministries’ efforts to meet the spiritual needs of our guests every day.
  2. With as little as $2 in proceeds earned by the thrift stores, KARM can provide one meal to a hungry person in need.
  3. KARM Stores supply clothing and household needs – blankets, twin sheets, towels, toiletries – for men, women, and children in our shelters.
  4. KARM Stores efforts support KARM’s job training programs critical to breaking the cycle of homelessness.
  5. Other ministries and agencies, that work to meet the needs of homeless or displaced individuals and families, receive free or low-cost help from KARM Stores.
  6. Local churches in every community served by KARM Stores receive gift cards through a partnership opportunity called Corners Of Your Field. With these gift cards, churches are able to meet the needs of those in their care and help prevent homelessness.
  7. KARM Stores are a source of quality, value-priced clothing, furniture, and household items for the community.