Board of Directors

Cathy Gonzalez

Cathy Gonzalez is the Program Specialist at the John T. O’Connor Senior Center in Knoxville. She is  wife to Adrian and mom to  Elizabeth and Nicole.   She serves Knoxville in many ways: as a member of the KARM Board of Directors; and as President of Old Mechanicsville Neighborhood Interest (preserving and revitalizing Historic Old Mechanicsville). She was a member of the Knoxville Christian Youth Band’s board of directors, served on the United Way of Knoxville’s Allocations Committee, and served over 10 years on the Community Action Committee (CAC) board of directors.

She is an avid Precepts Bible study student and she and Adrian open their home to a small group. They are members of Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church and active at All Souls.  She enjoys exercise, cooking, gardening, travel and photography.  She enjoys exercise, cooking, gardening, travel and photography.

She is a native New Yorker and earned her undergraduate degree in International Management and her graduate degree in Education. Both degrees are from Pace University in New York.

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