Board of Directors

Dr. H. Lee Martin

Dr. H. Lee Martin is Clinical Professor, Engineering Entrepreneurship, in the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at the University of Tennessee.  Dr. Martin holds engineering degrees from the University of Tennessee and Purdue University. After six years as a development engineer at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, he founded TeleRobotics International, Inc. in 1986 to develop robots for hazardous environments. The company developed, patented and introduced to the market an immersive, interactive imaging method named iPIX that is now used worldwide via the Internet to remotely display real estate, automobiles, vacation spots and current events.

Dr. Martin has served on the KARM Board of Directors for over a decade. He also serves as President of Trinity Health Foundation of East Tennessee and serves on the board of Global Media Outreach, an organization started by the Jesus Film Project, which is dedicated the to fulfillment of the Great Commission using the Internet.  He is an avid trombonist, a tennis player, a youth small group leader and active member of Two Rivers Evangelical Church in Knoxville. His wife is the former Carla Butler, and he is the father of three: Nina, Ashleigh and Daniel.

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