Alisha grew up with an unstable childhood that featured her going back and forth between her mom’s house and grandmother’s house. At the early age of 16, Alisha got married and became a mom two years later at 18.

In order to help her get through, Alisha started recreationally using drugs. She continued on to get her GED, but could never kick the drug problem aside. Her husband was also a drug user, which made the addiction even easier.

Alisha’s life began to quickly unravel when her husband of 14 years overdosed.

My life was in a downward spiral after that.

Her recreational drug use turned to everyday use as she began to use harder drugs. Eventually Alisha remarried, which put her further down the path of destruction. Her second husband abused her, which led to her drug addiction getting out of control.

Because of her addiction, her four children had to live with their uncle. Furthermore Alisha was arrested with felony drug charges.

I felt like I had no hope.

Alisha hit rock bottom when she couldn’t see her kids one Christmas due to her active addiction. At this point, she came to KARM with nothing to lose.

Alisha entered into KARM’s Serenity program, which changed her life! At Serenity, Alisha came to know God and also learned how to trust others and be vulnerable. Alisha finally was experiencing healing!

Now Alisha has had the joy of reconciling with her children. She works as a lead in the Serenity kitchen as she learns how to manage and lead people.

Because of you, Alisha can now be a better role model to her four children. She also has a testimony displaying the power of people changing.