Because of your donation to KARM Stores, you play a part in providing Every Person. Every Meal. Every Day.

But it doesn’t have to stop when you drop off your gently used items. There are many rewarding ways you can further partner with KARM & KARM Stores.

  • Volunteer at KARM Stores to help redeem donations for dollars. Every month, we process 12,000 items at each store that can then be purchased from our retail floor. Opportunities exist for individuals, families and groups at our store locations.
  • Shop KARM Stores for quality items you can use and support the efforts of KARM at the same time.
  • Request a tour of our mission and a KARM Stores location to get a behind-the-scenes perspective of how we do what we do.
  • Share the story with others you know. Leverage your social networks and invite friends & family to join you. Become an advocate at your church, school, or place of work.