Bobby had a rocky start in life, but it wasn’t all bad. Bobby was raised in a loving Christian home with wonderful foster parents. Sadly, both of his foster parents passed away as Bobby reached adulthood.

Eventually, Bobby married and had children. He worked as a machinist, mechanic, and welder since he loved to work with his hands. In his spare time, he loved to paint and draw.

God blessed me with a lot of talents.

His life began to unravel when his marriage ended in divorce leaving him with nothing. The divorce shook Bobby pretty hard and in this difficult season he was introduced to meth.

The drug addiction developed quickly and before long Bobby was alone and homeless. He began committing crimes and eventually found himself sitting in a jail cell charged with a felony.

In prison, Bobby was given a variety of options including entering the Berea program at KARM.

I needed this program. Detoxing was pretty rough. First and foremost, the program is about breaking you apart and building you back up.

Fortunately Bobby agreed to enter the Berea program and started to see some dramatic changes in his life. He consider KARM’s Berea program his home.

The feeling of coming home is so great. The word home is great.

In the program, Bobby developed some new hobbies like gardening, cooking, and music. He and a few guys even formed a band! Bobby attributes so much of his life turnaround to KARM.

Because of you, Bobby found a home and a community to support him and help him develop a healthy life.