Breanna faced a traumatic childhood following abuse by her stepfather and the subsequent foster homes that took her in. To deal with this trauma, she turned to illegal drugs.

These drugs eventually led Breanna to a hospital emergency room, where she had to be resuscitated. After a brief stint in the ICU and a mental hospital, it was suggested to Breanna to go to a recovery program.

From the list of recovery programs, Breanna was introduced to KARM Serenity Program for women.

For the next 18 months, Breanna went to counseling, attended addiction classes, and took classes on building healthy relationships.

But it was finding strength in the grace of God that really turned her life around.

My relationship with the Lord and learning to trust Him have been the biggest factors in my recovery. I just asked the Lord to help me, and He did.

She also credits the staff at the Serenity program for helping her get her feet back on solid ground and pointing her in the right direction to move forward.

“They had hope in me when I had none.” she admits.

With this newfound faith and hope, Breanna began to transform into a wonderful mother for her 6-year-old, Isabella, who said “Mommy, I love what you’re becoming.”

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