Brenda became pregnant at age 14 and struggled with depression after giving up the baby for adoption. Looking for love and acceptance, Brenda entered a relationship with a man who introduced her to drugs. She had two children with this man who ended up abusing her.

She left the abusive situation, but unfortunately the man got custody of both of her sons. With no money, she wasn’t able to afford to fight the decision in court.

Years went by and Brenda continued to cope with life’s difficulties through drugs and in relationships with men. Eventually she found herself running from the law after stealing from her workplace.

Give yourself up and I will take care of you.

As she was fleeing the law, she realized the Lord was calling her to give up her will and surrender to Him. This was the beginning of healing and transformation.

One of her sons told her about KARM and she came to the mission looking for resources. However, at KARM she found much more – Brenda found a safe place to heal, a loving community, and new life through opportunities from the Berea program.

While in the Berea program, she became friends with a fellow student – her now husband, James. They became friends and when it was time for James to leave for a job he secured while in the program, they realized they wanted to be together.

Brenda and James were married in October 2018. Recently they moved into their first apartment as a married couple with the help of the KARM family.

I got a new life and I give all the praise and glory to God!

Thank you for your support! Because of you, Brenda was able to heal, receive opportunities, and find new life!