Cassie’s drug addiction started with trying to please her boyfriend. This drug addiction and people pleasing mentality eventually became physical and mental abuse. Her boyfriend started hitting her in front of the kids.

I know it sounds crazy to say, but I’d rather be hit than be talked to the way he talked to me.

As the abuse continued, the drug addiction deepened. Cassie was struggling with codependency and didn’t recognize she was losing her self-worth in the process.

Recognizing she needed a change, she gave temporary custody of her children to her uncle in order to make it safe for her to leave her boyfriend. She left her boyfriend, but still struggled with the drug addiction and retaining a job.

After failing a drug test with her probation officer, she was taken to jail for 45 days. After her 45 days, Cassie went to KARM’s Serenity house, an 18 month program for women.

She entered Serenity skeptical believing this program wouldn’t be able to help her. Nevertheless she entered the program as she was desperate for change.

I knew I needed to do it. I had two kids who needed their mom back. I wanted to have a better life.

In the program, Cassie learned about codependency. She also was given a community and staff to support her in this difficult season of her life. Today Cassie is a whole new woman. She has been sober for 3 years and has her own apartment with her kids living with her. She also makes sure to prioritize her new relationship with Christ as she makes sure to attend church every Sunday.

Because of you, Cassie was able to be met where she was and given the opportunity to grow into the responsible woman she is today.