Christmas 2017

Give someone the best gift of all this Christmas: a new beginning

Thanks to you, homeless and hungry people in the Knoxville area are getting the chance to make a new start this Christmas, starting with a meal. Please be as generous as you can because a match automatically DOUBLES anything you give.

This Christmas, $1.87 can help 2 people find a new life

When every day is a struggle just to survive, people feel like giving up. That’s what makes a holiday meal at KARM so important.

Your generosity provides more than meals. It offers encouragement and support, even the chance to make a fresh start. And right now, you can have 2x the impact because every gift is doubled by a Christmas match.

Receiving a second chance gives people the strength and courage they need to believe that tomorrow can be different — radically different!

New life begins with a meal. But even before that, it starts with your support!

This is the kind of impact you can make at Christmastime!

“Eating at KARM and not having to worry about where your next meal is coming from… made me feel secure.”


“I still remember my first meal when I came here, maybe because it was cold outside and I was hungry.”


“After I lost everything, I wanted to crawl under a tree and die. I had no family, no friends, nothing to look forward to. Then I came to KARM and found hope.”