Our church partners are vital to the ministry at KARM.

There are are several ways you as a church can participate in meeting the needs of those who come to KARM for help in breaking the cycle of homelessness.


Please remember Knox Area Rescue Ministries in prayer in your church regularly.


Share the love of Christ through volunteering at KARM as a church body. For more information, visit or contact


Designate KARM in your ongoing missions budget or support KARM through donation drives for food, toiletries or other items on our KARM Needs List.

KARM Stores

The KARM Stores’ “Corners of Your Field” program is specifically designed to partner with churches.  When your church joins COYF, the KARM Stores credit donations made by your members back to your church.  Each quarter, those credits are returned to your church as KARM Stores gift cards, which can be used for your church’s benevolence ministry.