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We want every person who spends the night at KARM to be prayed for. We don’t know who will spend the night in a given bed, but God does. Similar to prayer walking, a person (or group) simply walks the dorm, touching each bed and praying for the man or woman who will sleep in that bed.  This way, every person will be prayed for…every day. HopeHavenpic_ebed


  • Ideally, prayer for every bed can occur on site in the shelter dorms between 10am-3pm when the dorms are unoccupied.
  • Think “duck, duck, goose.”  The idea is to touch each bed–not necessarily stop at each one–although that is certainly permissible.  With 300+ beds, stopping at each one would take a long time.
  • Additional prayer partners can also pray where they are for a designated group of beds.

prayer-1Want to Help?
If you’d like to participate as a prayer partner in the KARM Every Bed, Every Day project, please contact  Visit to learn more.