Jacqueline grew up the youngest of five children and always had a sense that she wasn’t cared for like her siblings. Jacqueline never had a sense of belonging. Upon finding out she was adopted, she began to look for biological family.

In the search for her biological family, Jacqueline moved from Phoenix to Oregon. Yet in the search she still struggled to feel like she belonged.

When Jacqueline met her now husband, she moved across the country to Knoxville. However due to restrictions with his special handicapped housing, she was unable to move in with him. This left her once again filling as if she didn’t belong.

In this search for belonging, Jacqueline walked through the doors of KARM. There she met a team that cared for her, wanted to help meet her basic needs, and also wanted to share the care and compassion of Jesus Christ.

Jacqueline entered KARM’s Berea program. She met friends, she received encouragement, and in the process she finally felt like she belonged.

I love Berea and the community aspect of it and how we’re one big family.

At KARM Jacqueline found community, found family! These relationships have taught her so much.

They’ve taught me not to give up and not let the downs get me down and to push forward and keep trying.

Now Jacqueline is pushing forward towards her goal of having her own home one day. Daily she is making strides to realize this goal and now has a family here in Knoxville to support and encourage her.

Thank you for your support! Because of you, Jacqueline now knows she belongs and has a community that loves and cares for her.