Jesse grew up with feelings of worthlessness and depression. Jesse is a man of few words and unfortunately growing up he heard very few kind words. Jesse faced harsh treatment from his grandmother because Jesse looked like his dad.

She didn’t like my dad. And so she treated me different. It made me feel bad about myself.

His challenging upbringing led to drug addiction at 18. With his brother already using, Jesse didn’t think twice when he was offered marijuana by his mom’s boyfriend.

It was a way to escape and not have to feel anything.

Soon Jesse’s drug of choice escalated to meth. During his 8 years of addiction, Jesse was in and out of trouble with the law. Eventually his addiction led him to living in a camper with no electricity or water. He also ran out of medications to handle his mental health challenges.

In desperation, Jesse left his camper in Blount County and came to KARM. At KARM, Jesse’s basic needs of food and shelter were met. Before long Jesse accepted an invitation to join LaunchPoint. While in LaunchPoint, Jesse got back on his medications and received his legal documents crucial to helping him find employment.

Following LaunchPoint, Jesse joined the Berea program. During his Berea experience, Jesse trained in the Abundant Life Kitchen before securing a job with the local landscaping company, Seeds of Change. Now Jesse has his own place and his own car. Most importantly, Jesse was baptized into God’s family and even gives back through KARM’s City Nights outreach!

Because of you, Jesse has moved forward in his life with purpose, self-worth, and hope all while giving back to others!