Johney's life <br>begins again

You would have to forgive Johney if he didn’t feel much like celebrating Christmas in 2017. Over the course of nine months, he lost his wife to cancer, his two grandparents, and an older sibling. Then, as if to add insult to injury, children playing with matches burned his house to the ground — and insurance wouldn’t pay for the damages because his new policy had not yet taken effect. “That was my bottom-of-the-barrel moment,” he says. “I felt like God had forgotten about me.”

Johney finds hope<br>in KARM

Johney was heartbroken, to be sure. But disillusioned? Not even close. After spending Christmas morning reading his Bible, specifically the account of Christ’s birth in Luke, Chapter 2, Johney’s heart shifted. “Jesus was born in a stable,” he said. “What right do I have to complain?” It was that kind of insight that brought Johney to Knox Area Rescue Ministries in search of a new beginning. And he found one, the moment he began pursuing positive relationships with other men in “Life Academy,” which is part of the Berea program.

Complete restoration

“I’m learning to take the negative things in my life and turn them into positives,” he says.  “I mean . . . how does my suffering compare to what Jesus did for me on the cross?” Johney now has a good job that he found through KARM’s Berea program and has a home.


Johney’s Story from KARM’s Hope Rising fundraiser

Russ: Welcome, Johney! Tell me a little about how your life is different today?

Johney: Russ, I can honestly say I’m very happy with my life, and I’m so grateful to God for how He used KARM to help me find hope again. People at KARM believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. I have a good job I enjoy. I still have work to do to rebuild my life, but I know God isn’t finished with me. He has a plan and a purpose for me.

Russ: Johney, I hear you’re a poet and have written a poem for us. I’d love for you to share that with us…  

"Shhhhh—The Secret!" <br>by Johney

There’s a little word that changes
Darkest skies to brightest blue;
There’s a little word that brings the
Sunlight shining through.
Never mind the things around you;
Never mind if others frown.
Lift your face to God and praise Him,
And the blessings will come down!
Praise is mightier than any army,
With its banner all unfurled.
Praise will win the victory sooner
Than all the powers of this world.
For the God who rules over all things
And the God who longs to bless
Only waits until He hears you
Your love to Him confess.
Beg Him not for any blessings;
Tire Him not to spell your need.
This He knows before you speak it;
Stay Him not to beg and plead.
Lift your face and sing it heav’nward,
From the deeps within your soul;
Let His praises fill your being,
Let the shout of rapture roll.
Ah, the rest will come quite easy
Ever you think it will be done.
You will know Praise is the answer.
You will find the victory won.
Blessed, holy, wondrous Jesus,
Heaven in You to me is come!

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