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Our donors are our heroes. Every donation is maximized to help the poor and homeless in our community. Because we value you so highly, we’re constantly working to make your donation experience the best possible. We’ve even answered a list of Frequently Asked Questions posed by our donors to help you.

Your donation experience begins at home or in your office – in your closets, basement or attic, and garage … wherever you have extra items not being used. To help you select those items we can use, review our donation guidelines.

  • Donate clothes
  • Donate kitchen items
  • Donate furniture
  • Donate housewares
  • Donate toys
  • Donate sporting goods

Making a Donation

Most donors find it easiest to visit one of our 18 drop off locations. No advanced notice is required and we’ll be ready to receive you and your donation. To find the closest location to you, see a map of all KARM Stores locations.

Most drop off locations are open from 9AM to 6PM on Monday through Saturday.

Schedule a Drop Off

You can also let us know you’re coming so we can expedite your donation experience. When you share the date and location of your donation, a confirmation number and your donation is the only thing we will need to get you on your way again. And you’ll automatically receive a receipt (with a coupon) e-mailed to you.

Let us know when to expect you.

Request a Donation Pick Up

If you need help in moving your large household items, we offer free pick up for donors located near most of our stores. Most pick ups are can be scheduled within one or two days.

Let us know when we can pick up your donation.