Today Kermit finds himself thankful for so many reasons. It’s been a journey to get to this point today though.

Kermit found himself in the hospital after suffering three major strokes. As he was preparing to leave the hospital, his opportunities were bleak.

My finances ran out. I lost my house.

It was in this moment that he was referred to KARM by the hospital chaplain. Kermit was referred to KARM to join our LaunchPoint program. He took the opportunity and joined the program. While in LaunchPoint, Kermit was going through physical therapy to learn how to walk again. Eventually, he transitioned to our Berea program.

While in the Berea program, another crisis hit Kermit. A large, cancerous tumor was found in the left side of his face. The doctors recommended six weeks of chemo and radiation to treat the aggressive cancer. KARM staff and volunteers rallied around Kermit in order to transport him back and forth five days a week for his treatment.

Along Kermit’s journey with KARM, he strengthened his relationship with God.

My personal relationship with Him is more important than ever. I’m alive for Him.

Now Kermit is cancer free and has completed his physical therapy. He no longer even needs a cane to walk! Kermit is working now and saving for his future, counting each day as precious!

Because of you, Kermit has overcome so many trials and obstacles. He is now thankful to be alive and cherishing each day.

God doesn’t make people just for the sake of making them. There’s a reason and purpose for everybody’s life. That’s where He has me right now.