In one night Kevin’s life was forever changed. His baby boy was having trouble keeping food down and ended up choking in his sleep one night. Unfortunately Kevin didn’t have much time to grieve as he was the sole provider for his family.

In this season depression started to hit Kevin.

I had to be strong. I had to tough it out. Every day was a struggle to get through the day. I held it together for the first year or two, but it was tearing me up from the inside.

The grief and depression led Kevin to making some bad decisions that led him to trouble with the law resulting in jail time. His life continued to spiral as he and his girlfriend split up.

While continuing to support his family by working, Kevin began drinking constantly and then started having suicidal thoughts. He thought he could overcome them, but the thoughts were relentless and soon he found himself welcoming them.

I wanted it to happen. I started planning it out in my head. For me to start thinking about it and planning it in my head, I knew things had gotten serious.

Following his worst episode, Kevin was sent to a mental health treatment center. In this center Kevin’s life started to turn back around as his caseworker recommended KARM.

Mentally I needed like, a rehab. I needed some kind of place to get away from drugs and alcohol. And get my spirit back in shape.

Kevin found this place to get his spirit back in shape at KARM. First in KARM’s LaunchPoint Program and then in KARM’s Berea program Kevin found purpose while working in the Abundant Life Kitchen and hope for his life.

Kevin fed off the positivity of other guests and the staff. The community rallying around him helped him overcome his drinking addiction. Finally Kevin started to regain his faith and self-worth.

Today Kevin is focused on moving forward in a better place physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. He is looking forward to seeing what is next.

Because of you, Kevin was able to find a place that provided him the help and hope he needed.