LaTickia was always close to her grandmother. Her grandmother provided a stable and caring environment, a break from the broken home she’d grown up in. However when her grandmother passed away, LaTickia lost her stable environment and relational support system.

In the search for meaning and independence, LaTickia turned to the life of gangs and drugs. She was searching for family, purpose, and meaning on the streets.

You can love the streets, but the streets won’t love you back.

Feeling the pressure to provide for herself and her family, the life of “fast money” was appealing, but had its costs.

By the age of twenty, LaTickia had been in and out of prison multiple times. However, one day she was charged with a much greater crime – attempted murder – that she didn’t commit.

Her wake up call came upon the realization that she couldn’t take her kids certain places. LaTickia feared she would run into enemies that could cause her problems when she was out in the city with her children.

In her life journey, LaTickia found herself receiving a judge ordering her to join KARM’s Serenity program. The hope was that it would make a permanent difference in her life.

The Serenity program afforded LaTickia both the time and space to really turn her life around. She became a resident in the Serenity program and saw God start to restore her life.

Recently, LaTickia received custody of her child again, a joyful milestone and occasion for the family!

LaTickia walks around and wants people to know her life’s different. She credits the KARM staff for helping her handle and see life through a different perspective.

When people see me, I want them to know they’re looking at a miracle.

Thank you for your support! Because of you, LaTickia had the space to turn her life around impacting her future and the future of her kids!