KARM Leadership

Restoring Lives in Jesus’ Name

KARM employees and volunteers make our community a better place.

Dedicated and forward focused

Our senior leadership team is made up of experienced, focused and compassionate executives. Working with each other and with KARM employees and volunteers, their knowledge and dedication combine to make our community a better place.

Leadership Team

Burt Rosen

President/Chief Executive Officer

Danita McCartney

Chief Operations Officer

Cynthia Russell

Vice President, Serenity Ministries

Tina Hertzel

Vice President, Finance

Board of Directors

Rick Cox


Doug Yoakley

Vice Chairman

Dale Keasling


Donna Rose

Finance Chairman

Dan Hurst

Nominating Committee Chairman

George Brown

Dr. William Burkhart

Sally Fisher

Cathy Gonzalez

Dr. Joe Johnson

Dr. Lee Martin

Dennis McClane

Wayman McLaughlin, Jr.

W. Frank Smith, III

Bobby Stogner

Trish Wilson

Taylor Ogle

“To bear sins means to go where the sinner is….to love a shameful being and therefore be pierced by his shame…to devote oneself to his recovery and follow him with ceaseless ministry knowing he cannot be recovered without his consent…and his consent may be indefinitely withheld.

- William Maltby, British evangelist