Mandy found herself fleeing from abuse and suffering with addiction. She experienced the worst day of her life as she was arrested for possession of drugs. As Mandy buckled her 3 year old daughter into her car seat on that day, she vowed to get clean.

God used that moment in Mandy’s life to touch her broken heart. During this time is when Mandy found out about KARM and entered the Serenity program.

Mandy was in the Serenity program for 18 months. She learned so much about herself and her addiction. She built relationships with other women in KARM’s Serenity program.

At Serenity, you learn addiction and your problems with drug abuse – it’s not the problem. It’s just the symptom of an underlying issue.

While in the Serenity program, Mandy learned to deal with those issues. She wanted to break the cycle of addiction in her life and that involved getting to the root of the issue. Not only did she address the underlying issues, she also gained tools and learned how to handle whatever life may throw at her.

In the program, we got really close. You go to a class and you break yourself down. That’s what it takes to come clean. You have to become transparent.

During Mandy’s time in the Serenity program, she discovered her true worth and identity as a beloved child of God. Living a life of faith has changed her life immensely.

I wake up in the morning talking to God and anytime I need to consult about anything with my children. God is like my best friend.

Since graduating from the Serenity program, God has blessed Mandy in many ways. Her previously abusive boyfriend also went through a recovery program. Now Mandy and him have a restored relationship and both serve at their church. Even better, they got married in October and have been reunited with their two daughters.

As Mandy reflected on her time with KARM, she wanted to thank you.

It was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through in my life. But it was way worth it. I got my kids back. I got my family back. I couldn’t ask for anything more. God shone down on me and He gave me my life back.

Thank you for your support! Because of you, Mandy was able to turn from her struggles and now lives a thriving life!