Michael had been living on the streets homeless for two weeks suffering from congestive heart failure. He thought he might not make it.

My heart’s only pumping 50% of what it should be. I wasn’t in the greatest shape.

Upon arriving at KARM, he entered our LaunchPoint program. LaunchPoint gave Michael an opportunity to take a hard look at his life in order to evaluate what he wanted to change. During this program Michael particularly enjoyed getting back in touch with God and deepening his relationship with Him.

Upon successful completion of the LaunchPoint program, Michael transitioned to the longer-term Berea program.

I had a chance to read the Bible. Finding God is the most important thing – and putting Him first and nothing else.

During his time in the Berea program, Michael had an opportunity to serve other guests and welcome new students. He also got to participate in the Abundant Life kitchen training program. He enjoyed serving others meals as he recalled the first meal he ate at KARM.

I like to see the new people coming up. They’re trying to change their lives and turn them around. I hope they can find a better life.

Because of you, Michael was able to find a better life – one that provided him hope and a better relationship with God.