Abundant Life Kitchen

“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”
                                                                     John 10:10 (ESV)

Food services is one of the fastest growing industries in America.

The Abundant Life Kitchen Food Service Job Training program, provided by Knox Area Rescue Ministries, is designed to give men and women staying at KARM an opportunity to improve their lives by training for employment in the food service industry.Doris stirring

The training occurs within the context of KARM commercial food service business operations.  Students are not paid while they are in the program, but their essential needs are met by KARM.  The 13-week program includes classroom and hands-on experience as part of the KARM production environment.  Upon successful completion of the training, a student will have completed the ServSafe® exam, a food-safety training program and certification offered through the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.  Students have the opportunity to supplement their training with an unpaid 4-week internship in an area food service establishment.

The program also includes Jobs for Life™, a 12-session job readiness class offered over a 6-week period.  In Jobs for Life™, emphasis is placed on the essential skills for being a good employee and team player.  Students also learn about and receive practice and coaching in resume preparation, application writing, and interview skills.

The goal of the ALK program is to help people achieve and maintain meaningful employment. There are many opportunities for employment in food services locally.  Knoxville and the surrounding area have a diverse selection of restaurants, along with large business, education, healthcare, hospitality, and convention food service operations.

Contact info@karm.org for more information.