By the time people find their way to KARM, they are broken and alone. They’ve lost any hope for the future. At KARM we provide them rest from  chaotic lives and a place to revive their spirits.     -homeless-hun-007

The men and women who come to KARM may be hungry for food or need a roof over their head, but invariably, in their stories, we hear the underlying pain, guilt, and shame stemming from the effects of poverty and abuse. They are like prisoners longing for freedom, but don’t know where to find it.

Homelessness is a symptom of something much greater than not having a home. And when the broken, abused, hopeless person comes inside for refuge, they find a warm meal, a hot shower, and a clean bed. They can also be introduced to the only One who can really make them whole.

Through KARM’s residential recovery, men and women finally confront the root causes of their homelessness and embrace the healing that knowing Jesus provides.

In recovery, men and women learn to give and receive real love. They gain self-respect and respect for others. Here they embrace the healing that only comes through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and are given the hands-on training and tools to help them succeed in the world when they leave:

  • Serenity  for women provides biblically-based residential recovery services, case management, individual and group counseling, spiritual support, crisis intervention, life skills classes, community-based mentoring, and refuge from abusive relationships for women who are seeking help.

KARM’s men’s recovery program, is currently on hiatus while the program is being revamped for greater capacity and ministry. However, contact us for assistance with referrals.

From the moment someone enters the recovery program, KARM begins preparing them for the day they leave. The key to successful recovery at KARM is for the person to understand that they are a unique creation and that God never made humanity in His likeness in order for it to be thrown away.  For so many, KARM is the last resort that leads to a lasting answer.