Shane had a good job as a truck driver, but admittedly so made a mistake that started the unraveling of his life. One night in Florida Shane was arrested for driving under the influence. He spent all his money on an attorney that helped reduce his charges, but still found himself without a truck driver’s license and therefore no job.

With no job, Shane came to Tennessee to stay with his brother. His living situation with his brother wasn’t ideal as they were both suffering as alcoholics often ending up in arguments with each other.

Soon Shane managed to secure a job at a warehouse and moved out of his brother’s place into a tent. He ended up living in the tent for about a month and a half biking to work each day. Then disaster struck.

I was riding back to my tent. It was late at night, about 10 o’clock. I got hit by a car. I landed on the right side of my body. Did some damage to my leg and broke my collarbone and shoulder.

After a brief stay in the hospital, Shane was released to KARM’s Respite Center. At the time of his arrival, it was unclear if Shane would be able to work again.

Despite his situation, Shane was used to working to make a living. He resisted the idea of receiving help, but a few of the staff at KARM persisted.

A couple of the staff members talked to me and encouraged me to join LaunchPoint.

Following finishing the LaunchPoint program, Shane entered into KARM’s Berea program. In the Berea program, Shane learned how to overcome situations that were testing him in life.

I might talk to God and ask questions. I might go to other Berea students or one of the staff instead of going out and having a beer. That’s made me feel better about myself.

The Berea program also provided Shane a brand-new start. The program gave him an opportunity to start his way towards earning a high school diploma and he has aspirations of going to college. Shane has a determination and a drive to move forward with his life that he has never had before.

Keep having the strength and the will to keep moving forward and on to bigger and better things.

Because of you, Shane has a new determination to move forward and a new hope for his future!