Susan came back to KARM as she was dealing with many serious illnesses. She found herself septic and had suffered two strokes. As she walked into KARM, she found herself physically disabled walking with a walker and mentally and spiritually drained.

At KARM, Susan received the help she desperately needed to heal both body and soul. She credits a lot of her success in the recovery process to being part of a strong community and the countless positive relationships she had.

When I got to KARM, I got a community of staff, volunteers, and facilitators. The guests that live here have helped me.

Susan completed KARM’s LaunchPoint program and now is an active member in the Berea program. Her life is a testimony to the power of God’s love and His steadfastness even as we endure difficult times.

I feel like they’ve restored my life through Jesus. It just amazes me, God’s grace.

Susan feels like her time at KARM has given her a new lease, perspective, and appreciation on life. She regularly spends time reading her Bible and attending the Bible classes at KARM. All of those at KARM who have worked with Susan are honored to play a small part in restoring Susan’s life in the name of Jesus.

KARM gave me the hope that people cared enough to help me to where I was willing to help myself. KARM. has blessed me in many more ways than just with my physical health. KARM has actually saved my life.

Thank you for your support! Because of you, Susan received the help she needed to change her life – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.