Sandy can celebrate Mother’s Day once again…

Last Mother’s Day, Sandy didn’t have much to celebrate. And at fifty-nine-years old, she could have given up hope. Caught in the grip of addiction, Sandy traded everything good in her life for drugs. her home, her possessions…even her closest family relationships. Sandy hadn’t spoken with her daughter in eight years. Her granddaughter hardly knew […]

The Value of a Meal

If you ever wondered if you were really making any difference, let this story – one of hundreds we experience every month – confirm that your gift really does matter. Bill’s brother was killed suddenly and tragically. The family was overwhelmed by the loss, especially Bill. Following his brother’s funeral, Bill chose to walk home […]

Richard’s story

When life turned sour, Richard fell into a deep depression. He lost his wife to divorce. Then he lost his home when, after living with his mother as caretaker for five years, the family liquidated her assets to place her in a nursing home. With no place to go and no one to look to […]

Overwhelming Biblical Hospitality

Hospitality is defined as “the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.” It’s something that holds great weight in the South where we are known for our friendliness. So what is created when you join “hospitality” with “overwhelming” and “Biblical”? It is the goal of every encounter at Knox Area Rescue […]