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It’s always rewarding when you are recognized for the work you do. It’s especially rewarding when the praise comes from those you serve – the donors, customers, and volunteers of KARM Stores across the greater Knoxville area. Knoxville Mercury wants this poll to reflect the best of Knoxville, to honor the institutions that truly make […]

Brandon’s Story

On Saturday, August 8th, a young man came into our store to shop and chat with us, as he has been in here a few times before. While he was shopping and I was putting new merchandise on the shelf, he began asking me for relationship advice. As young as I am, I asked my […]

More Than One Blessing

They walked into the store around noon. A mom and her young son came straight to the counter. It was obvious they had special business on their minds. Come to find out it was very special indeed. The young man stood tall (as tall as 7-1/2 years would allow), and head held high. There was […]