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It’s always rewarding when you are recognized for the work you do. It’s especially rewarding when the praise comes from those you serve – the donors, customers, and volunteers of KARM Stores across the greater Knoxville area. Knoxville Mercury wants this poll to reflect the best of Knoxville, to honor the institutions that truly make […]

Free Bibles

Recently, a family visited our store that looked to be new to the country. One of the girls was looking over all the bibles in the store and brought one up to the register. She asked her parents if she could have it. The parents looked at each other asked us for the price. The […]

The Perfect Fit

We had a customer come in looking for boots about a month ago.  One of our sales associates tried to find this man a pair of boots, but we did not have the type he needed for work. He left his name and number for us to contact if we had boots come in that would […]