T.K. moved to Tennessee to help his mother who was suffering with manic depression. He spent six months trying to care for her, but unfortunately it was proving to not be a good solution for either involved.

As the situation got more challenging, T.K. resorted back to drinking and suffering from depression himself. After a while T.K. decided it would be best if he lived in his van.

The harder it was to deal with my mom, the more I indulged too much.

T.K. picked up day labor jobs in order to make ends meet, but one day an accident changed everything. T.K. tripped on some uneven pavement and broke his leg.

A few men T.K. worked with took him to the hospital, but left with his van. Now unable to work with a broken leg and without transportation, T.K. was in an even more difficult situation.

I couldn’t drive. I couldn’t work. I was broke and homeless.

In this brokenness at the hospital, T.K. was referred to KARM’s Respite Center. KARM’s Respite Center is designed to help people like T.K. continue to receive medical care after being discharged.

First T.K. recovered at the Respite Center and eventually ended up joining KARM’s LaunchPoint and Berea programs. Eventually T.K. was able to work again and received a full-time job as a plumber with great pay.

We were not put on this Earth to be alone. Nobody makes it completely on their own. If you ever think you can, you’re going to fail.

With his full-time job, T.K. was able to save enough to take care of other issues such as his arthritis and cataracts. Despite the challenges in his life, T.K. was able overcome them with help from others in order to find God’s perfect plan for him.

Because of you, T.K. received the help he needed in order to find God’s perfect plan for his life.