KARM Stores and KARM seeks to make a difference to those in need in the local Knoxville area. We are thrilled when local businesses seek to give back to the local community as well. With that said, it is our pleasure to feature 21st Mortgage Corporation as our November volunteer spotlight!

21st Mortgage Corporation was founded in Knoxville in 1995 and has a dedication to making a difference and giving back. With this service mindset, they make a great volunteer partner for KARM Stores.

Groups from 21st Mortgage Corporation have continued to serve with us making a difference by volunteering their time. This most recent group in November spent three hours with us organizing and putting out several racks of clothes in our seasonal Christmas Store & Clearance Center.

We look forward to continuing to welcome 21st Mortgage Corporation as one of our great volunteer teams. Thanks for being a wonderful group to host and choosing to give back to the local community!

If you or your business would like to volunteer at KARM Stores please schedule a time here. We are committed to facilitating an impactful, enjoyable volunteer experience for all.

We look forward to seeing you in our stores soon!