KARM Stores seeks to provide an opportunity for everyone to serve and impact the community. We are filled with joy when Helping Hands Ministry volunteers at our Sherlake location. It is our pleasure to feature Helping Hands Ministry as our October volunteer spotlight!

Helping Hands Ministry is a weekday ministry from First Baptist Concord for special needs adults who have graduated from high school. The group completes a variety of tasks at churches and businesses in the community.

At KARM Stores we have the opportunity to be one of those businesses. Adults from the program come into our store to volunteer and have a great shopping experience. Those from Helping Hands Ministry are a huge help to our business and a great encouragement to our staff.

We look forward to continuing to welcome the new and returning adults from Helping Hands Ministry for years to come. Thank you so much for spending your time with KARM Stores and making a difference in our community!

If you or a group you are involved in would like to volunteer at KARM Stores please schedule a time here. We are committed to facilitating an impactful, enjoyable volunteer experience for all.

We look forward to seeing you in our stores soon!